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GCloud and Digital Marketplace

GCloud and Digital Marketplace
August 26, 2016 Paul Rowe

Successful applicants for GCloud 8 were recently announced and Rowe IT was proud to be included.  The UK Government’s GCloud initiative allows public sector bodies to more easily procure information technology services. This is done by framework agreements with various suppliers as a result of which services can be purchased without having to run a tender procurement process each time.  Furthermore, with each reiteration, the Digital Marketplace Team has reacted to feedback from buyers and suppliers to provide a more relevant service. This has all led to a framework which has 22000 suppliers and growing so it is hoped that making the application and call off process easier will soon become be a priority.

The GCloud allows buyers to purchase services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services. Rowe IT is part of Lot 4; Specialist Cloud Services (SCS).  GCloud 8 has seen a narrowing of the definition of Lot 4 but it still allows smaller companies to compete and provide quality, value for money services.

This compliments the Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) Framework which we are part of where suppliers can purchase specialist support as well as business outcomes and solutions. This is a more involved method of purchasing services but still flexible especially in the degree of services sought.