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Office Party

Office Party
November 13, 2017 Hannah Rowe


Office party season is almost upon us and this year Rowe IT is planning something slightly different.  We are going to exercise our little grey cells at a Murder Mystery evening.  The synopsis for the night is as follows:

Terror in the Tinsel

The Christmas rush is just about to start. It’s early December and Acme Decorations are getting into full swing. This small company had developed a niche market for its decorations and the product line was selling well.  However, one night in early December disaster had struck when the founder and Managing Director was found hanged from a beam in the factory. The rope had been decorated with tinsel and the body too had been decorated with more tinsel, hanging baubles and fairy lights.

Who would have done such a thing, and why? As a small family Company the range of suspects was limited and Detective Chief Inspector Appleby had gathered them together tonight at the Bedford Hotel in Tavistock to try and get to the bottom of this macabre mystery.

As the evening progresses, secrets are revealed and tensions rise. Will there be a second death and, if so, who will it be? The Chief Inspector calls on the other guests at the hotel to help in catching the culprit behind the bizarre crime committed by one or more of these eccentric suspects.

All the clues will be there to lead to the right conclusion but will they be correctly deduced? Chief Inspector Appleby is determined to get to the truth before the night is out!


So…the food has been ordered and outfits chosen.  The real question is who will solve the mystery first?  The IT staff or the Admin brains?  Clearly not competitive or biased, this authors money is firmly on the latter but only time will tell.  Results will be posted in December!