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Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy

Our purpose is to build solutions which make a difference, create employment and opportunities, and allow Rowe to give back to our wider community.

We are committed to making a positive impact and creating sustainable value for the future.

Net Zero Commitment


Sustainability is embedded into our culture and business through knowledge, collaboration, and innovation.  It is an integral part of our culture and will make us part of a positive sustainable change for the future.

As part of this Rowe has committed to be Net Zero by 2030 through:

  • Reducing our consumption of goods and services
  • Embedding sustainability into procurement
  • Reducing amount of waste
  • Encouraging sustainable travel as the norm
  • Reducing business travel
  • Becoming more energy aware

During this journey, we are working with Ecologi to created Climate Positivity by funding environmental projects.  This is coupled with an annual company volunteering day supporting local environmental projects.


People are at the heart of our business.

Innovation, growth, knowledge sharing, and support are all reflected in our culture.  It is an agile, living thing which reflects the Rowe community and our shared purpose.

Our company community values reflect the positive changes we aim to create. We recognise that everyone makes an impact so aim to make it a positive one.  We actively work to ensure:

  • Increased happiness, engagement and satisfaction in the workplace.
  • That every employee is valued and cared for.
  • Improved diversity and inclusion so we all belong and can progress.
  • Creating employment opportunities within our local communities and those who have served in the armed forces.
  • Supporting local community projects and charities with time and donations.
  • Encouraging volunteering with paid time off.
  • Removing barriers to employment to provide wider work opportunities.
  • Providing employees with skills for the future and to ensure progression
  • Working with schools and local organisations to offer curriculum support and work experience.
  • Partnering with other SMEs

Some of the organisations we have helped and continue to support include:


Rowe believes in responsible and sustainable business through accountability, risk management and stakeholder communication.  This includes:

  • Nurturing a positive company culture which involves trust, respect, and the opportunity for employees to grow.
  • Transparency
  • Stakeholder engagement and service provision governed by our ISO 9001 certification
  • Security and data protection through ISO 27001 certification
  • Supply chain resilience, growth and best practices assurance around areas such as Modern Slavery.