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Defence formations need to maintain an operational advantage which requires continuous optimisation of existing capabilities, innovation and imaginative exploitation of emerging technologies.

This can be achieved through building information services that are interoperable (both domestically and with allied systems), integrated and shaped by the need for cyber defence.

Our defence consultants (many of whom are ex-forces or members of the armed forces reserve) have experience of operating at all levels of warfare, including:

  • Military operational planning
  • Defence policy and strategy development
  • Operational delivery to single service, joint and multi-national operations and exercises
  • Defence diplomacy
  • Defence acquisition along DLOD’s compliant with the UK Defence Information Strategy

Our expertise provides:

  • Concept development
  • Requirements analysis and definition
  • Analysing client systems and services and identifying opportunities to enhance Information Superiority.
  • Systems integration
  • Implementation of defence standards (e.g. DGIWG standards and best practice, MGMP, NGMP, various STANAGS)

Within NATO and the UK we have had particular experience with the:

  • MoD Single Geospatial Intelligence Battlespace Business Change Programme (SGB BCP), and Defence Geospatial Services (DGS)
  • Development of the NATO REP (Recognised Environmental Picture) concept
  • Supporting the design and delivery of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI)
  • Deployment and interoperability of systems on the NATO FMN (Federated Mission Network).
  • Development of Tactical Decision Aids (TDAs)
  • Integration of TDAs and data feeds into C4ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Command & Control (C2) systems