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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Innovation through diversity

Rowe celebrates diversity, nurturing a workplace where everyone can be their authentic selves.  Our belief is that it is our differences that fuel innovative and creative solutions.


Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy and our People Strategy helps outline our approach, along with our Transgender and Non-Binary policy.

We want Rowe to be an inclusive place to work by creating opportunities and reducing barriers.  This is something we are passionate about but recognise we can always do things better.  As a Disability Confident employer, we are working to improve all areas of inclusion.

Innovation and creativity embrace everyone without regard for gender, race, sexuality, or religion.  Our culture is about ensuring people feel safe, themselves and seen.  It is about creating an equitable workplace where every individual can achieve.

We are committed to a culture of psychological safety which is a shared belief that Rowe is a safe place to express opinions, take risks, make mistakes, give and take feedback.  We are a stronger team working and listening together.

Our company community values reflect the positive changes we aim to create. We recognise that everyone makes an impact so aim to make it a positive one.

  • We are all human.  Be kind and respectful
  • Relish the challenges.  They help you develop
  • No one knows everything.  It is good to share
  • There is no them and us.  Just one team
  • Change is good.  It brings opportunities
  • Keep learning.  Tomorrows skills are not todays

Meet Terri Lamerton, our Diversity and Inclusion Lead working alongside our People Director.  Together, their remit it to ensure Rowe remains a diverse and inclusive company celebrating and appreciating everyone.

Terri is passionate about embracing differences and the power that comes with that.  Alongside her day job as a Senior Technical Consultant, she is also a Diversity Role Model working with young people to help create safe spaces for all.