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Enterprise Solutions

Rowe IT’s core capability centres around the architecture, design and development of enterprise grade solutions which are often critical to the running of our client’s organisation.

Big Data & Mass Storage

We are no strangers to developing systems which manipulate big data, and have helped one of our clients to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions a day, to process and archive more than 60 TB of data per day into a 30 Petabyte (and growing) archive.

API Design, Development & Management

Rowe IT have helped our clients develop API strategies and architectures, to efficiently enable them to provide their data to other organisations.  This includes the creation of enterprise standards, development of APIs (e.g. via micro-services) and their management.


Distributed Systems

It is essential to ensure systems scale to meet the demands of its enterprise.  Designing architectures in such a way that it allows for elastic horizontal scalability through the provisioning of additional processes/nodes is key.  We have experience of tools and technologies which enable this.

High Availability

Ensuring that critical systems have high availability is an expectation of most enterprises.  Rowe IT has experience in architecting systems which mitigate against outages through the avoidance of single points of failure (e.g. via distributed architectures) to achieve the required SLA.