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Net Zero Commitment

Net Zero Commitment

Rowe has made the SME Climate Commitment to achieve net zero emissions before 2030.

Rowe IT plans to become a tech organisation where sustainability is embedded through knowledge, collaboration, and innovation.  It will be an integral part of our culture and make us part of a positive sustainable change for the future.

Our objectives are to:

  • Reduce our consumption of goods and services
  • Embed sustainability into procurement
  • Reduce amount of waste
  • Encourage sustainable travel as the norm
  • Reduce business travel
  • Become more energy aware

Carbon Reduction Plan

We believe all businesses need to take decisive action as there is a climate emergency and we will work alongside our clients and suppliers towards Net Zero.

It is our responsibility to take action to reduce our impact on our environment. This is why we are committed to Net Zero and have signed up to Ecologi to ensure that we are a Climate Positive Workforce whilst we work towards reducing our emissions.

Declaring a Climate Emergency keeps us accountable.  Even as a small business, we are making this a priority.

Our carbon footprint roadmap sets out our goals, training and volunteering plans.  It gives us a framework over the next 8 years.  Scope 3 emissions will be our biggest challenge.  To achieve net zero by 2030, we need to reduce emissions throughout our business and supply chains.   That is why we will be working with our partners and suppliers to help with measuring their carbon footprint.  We will also be working to inform our employees and community about ways in which they can take action towards net zero.  Being part of the journey together is the only way ahead.