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Geospatial, Meteorology & Oceanography

Rowe IT have significant domain knowledge in meteorology and oceanography (MetOc), and their application in geospatial systems.


We are experienced in the design, development and integration of systems which can ingest and process multi-dimensional MetOc data to then provide added value services. This is achieved through the use of feature databases and/or the use of open standards (such as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Services). In particular, we can provide:

  • Cataloguing of data services and products, and exposure via OGC CSW (using ISO19115, ISO19119, ISO19139 and associated profiles e.g. INSPIRE, MGMP, NGMP)
  • Provision of portals for discovery of services and products
  • Design and configuration of web services including WMS, WCS, WFS, WPS and WMTS, with specific support for temporal and elevation services
  • Processing and/or exposure of many standard data formats, including NetCDF, GRIB, HPAC, DTSV, BUFR, MetGM, GeoTIFF and GeoJSON.
  • SMEs with experience of operational weather and oceanography forecasting and advice to decision makers

Our consultants have experience with building, configuring and integrating systems using open source frameworks and tools such as GeoServer, GeoNetwork and PostgreSQL/PostGIS, as well as COTS solutions such as ESRi ArcGIS and IBL’s Visual Weather. This has helped our clients in the development of their Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).