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The Developer of the Future – Machine Learning

The Developer of the Future – Machine Learning
March 28, 2022 Deanna Davenport

The Developer of the Future

Welcome back to the fourth and final instalment of our ‘Developer of the Future’ blog series. Today we’re looking into the exciting world of Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Now we all saw this one coming. Machine Learning has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years and we’re seeing it become more prevalent every day.

Machine Learning is a branch of AI focusing on the development of algorithms that learn from experience. These algorithms are exposed to a set of training data and identify patterns within them. It can be a supervised process, where the test data is labelled, or unsupervised where it’s not.

In supervised machine learning, the algorithm learns to identify what characteristics are common across all data with the same label, producing a model. This model can then be applied to unlabelled data in order to determine whether it should have the same label as the test data. It’s been used for things like identifying and filtering out spam from your inbox.

Unsupervised machine learning follows a similar process but uses unlabelled data. Here the goal is for the algorithm to uncover hidden patterns or to cluster similar data together. It’s a great tool for analysing datasets.

There are more and more tools and libraries that utilise machine learning becoming available to developers. These are often open-source and cloud based – (both other trends we’ve spotted!) – like Azure Machine Learning Studio and AWS SageMaker. These tools are helping lower the barrier to using machine learning, as developers don’t need to understand the algorithms in order to utilise them to build new and innovative applications.

This is an exciting area of opportunity and one that Rowe is looking to move into.

That’s all for our ‘Developer of the Future’ series. There are many more topics that will help shape the future of development than what we’ve covered in these few short blogs, but we hope you’ve enjoyed following along with some of our favourites.

Of course, the real answer to the question ‘What will the Developer of the Future be like?’ is ‘Only time will tell!’