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Skills for Life

Skills for Life
February 7, 2023 Hannah Rowe

Life is a continual learning journey and for those at Rowe, this can start with an apprenticeship.

Working in partnership with Exeter University, we support entry into the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship.  We recognise that fully rounded learning can come from Academia and Business working together and are exploring other apprenticeships for the future.

But learning does not stop with a degree.  Skills change and develop as we grow so we have also created a Skills for Life Learning Pathway.  Predominately aimed at new starters, it is now developing into a more rounded programme allowing employees at every stage access to key skills training.

It is not just about academic learning.  It also includes the ability to manage mental health, time, finances, team and client relationships, feeling included, physical health and taking responsibility.  The list is endless.

Ultimately gaining knowledge and skills can lead to a more rewarding career and personal life.  With support in the workplace, from people that know and understand you, we can all keep developing.  That is the Rowe way.