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Applying for your first grad role

Applying for your first grad role
June 29, 2022 Hannah Rowe

Applying for your first job in any company can be an overwhelming process. There are many things to consider:

  • What do they want?
  • Who are they looking for?
  • How do I know I am a good fit?

This blog shares some of the things we look for and offers some tips with your CV and covering letter.

What are we looking for?

Try not to tailor your CV and covering letter just for Rowe, also tailor it to the job advertised. Use the information from the job advert to ensure you provide the evidence needed. Things to bear in mind:

  • Feel free to list your skills and competency level on your CV but be prepared to talk about it during the interview. Do not list a skill if you are not confident to have a conversation around your understanding and experience.
  • For our technical positions, we want to see evidence of an inquisitive mind and a passion for technology in the covering letter, CV and at interview.
  • Your opening ‘Profile Summary’ should be no longer than three or four sentences. Make it engaging and about you. Copying a generic one from an example on Google is not the way ahead! It can be tricky to craft but worth the effort.
  • All potential employers like the ‘Interests’ section. It can be used to frame questions during the interview.  Remember that tip!

Your covering letter is where you can sell yourself properly. Tell us who you are. Here you can show your personality, interests, and achievements. You should remember that this is the closest Rowe can get to knowing you. Make it count.

Your covering letter

This is where we can get to know you and your transferable skills such as work experience, and projects you were on during your placement year or at uni.

Things to consider in your covering letter include:

  • For a technology role, tell us more about your projects. What did you do and why?  Can you share the code behind the project? These are things we like to see.
  • Your covering letter should be around one side of A4, two at the most.
  • Before you start showing off your skills, a short opening paragraph is useful. Tell us about who you are and why you want a job at Rowe.
  • Do not forget a summary of why you would be a great fit.

Initial interview

We need you to be able to discuss what you have contributed to each project on your CV and to be able to answer questions about your skills. We primarily look for cultural fit and potential.  Skills are important but can be taught.  Logical thinking, problem solving and enthusiasm for tech can’t. We love someone always looking to learn and who asks ‘why?’

Have some questions ready for us.  Remember, there are no stupid questions, and this is your chance to see if Rowe is the company for you.  This interview is just as much for you as it is for us.


If you need any more help or tips, please feel free to email

We look forward to getting to know you and hopefully making you part of the Rowe team. Best of luck with your application.