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Supporting the Public Sector through G-Cloud 12

Supporting the Public Sector through G-Cloud 12
December 9, 2020 Hannah Rowe


G-Cloud 12 is the latest iteration of the Digital Services Framework which allows cloud-based solutions and services to be made available through the Government Digital Marketplace.  This makes obtaining services easier for public sector organisations and allows SMEs to compete on a wider playing field.

Rowe IT has been part of the Digital Marketplace journey since G-Cloud 4.  Being an SME, we provide specialist services, in-depth knowledge and innovation often with greater agility and pace than many larger organisations.  That ability to provide expertise along with competitive pricing makes the addition of SMEs invaluable in a supply chain.  Making the most of this commercial diversity is something the Digital Marketplace does well.  According to Government statistics in 2019, 99.9% of the business population was made up of SMEs so to ignore them would be commercially foolish.

Rowe IT are experienced in the design, build and support of cloud services across the lifecycle for public and private clouds.  Our consultants are expert in supporting our client’s with leveraging cloud technology to meet their project and programme outcomes.  We can help assess feasibility and estimate cost options to support value-propositions from concept through to delivery.

Being part of the Government’s digital journey is something we value highly.  We take pride in working alongside the Public Sector and providing technical support and solution.  We continue to improve and develop our services to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge.

Our services are available to view on G-Cloud 12 now, these include:

  • Cloud Transitioning & Migration
  • API Exposure and Management
  • DevOps Automation
  • Geospatial Solutions
  • Managed Service Provision

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