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The Office Hunt

The Office Hunt
May 8, 2017 Hannah Rowe

The Office Hunt

Earlier in the year it became increasingly apparent that Rowe IT needed to move into new office premises.  What appeared like a simple task proved to be more complex in practice.  For example, as a South West based company (Cornish in nature) where should we go, Exeter or Plymouth (other cities are available)?  This issue alone caused long discussions.  Both had merits.  We decided that it would make more sense to base ourselves in Exeter.  Many of our clients were in that area and Exeter itself offered many opportunities.

Happy with our choice of city, we turned our minds to office location and building.  We wanted to work somewhere which encouraged productivity and creativity.  Somewhere which would give us the space to grow, be part of a wider community and, more importantly, somewhere with a good cafe!  More discussions ensued as we became increasingly despondent with the options available.  We realised that we were not looking for just a space to work in.  It was something more.  Something which reflected our values of collaboration, knowledge sharing and joy in the work we do.  A simple room in a building was not going to cut it!

This is when we came across the Science Park in Plymouth.  Plymouth!  We had chosen Exeter.  This put the cat amongst the pigeons but we immediately liked the ethos behind the Park and the links to Plymouth University. Also being a technology based company, working in an environment with other like minded businesses made sense.  Renewed again in our search we went to look at Plymouth Science Park (PSP) which did not disappoint.

Plymouth Science Park


There is a positive energy which comes from both the PSP Team and the companies on the site.  There is a growth mindset and support to encourage businesses to do the same. The location is beautiful, the cafe (one of the first things we tried) is more than a plus and there are deer wandering around.  Since moving in we have not looked back.  With our coffee machine firmly in place, Rowe IT is looking towards the future with a desire to grow both the business and the opportunities available to staff but more fundamentally, who would not want to work in Plymouth with this on your doorstep?


Plymouth Hoe