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Why work for Rowe?

Why work for Rowe?
April 22, 2018 Hannah Rowe

Starting your career after University or even looking to change jobs is a great time to ask yourself ‘what do I want from a role?’  Large, established companies may appear attractive but you will be a small cog in a large machine.  For many this will be a wonderful opportunity but there are advantages to working in a smaller company.

In 2020 there were over 6 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which accounted for 99% of all UK businesses.  Small companies provide interesting and exciting career opportunities for high-calibre individuals with the right mind set and Rowe IT is no exception.  Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better and this is why:

Varied workdays

We work with cutting edge technology across a wide customer base which includes science, defence, procurement and the internet of things, such as working with the Met Office to help manage their data and making it available to other organisations, advising how the MOD can make better decisions with the data that they have, helping organisations like the Forestry Commission move their systems to the cloud, or even supporting NATO in improving how systems from a coalition can work together, from day one.  Our projects and work is varied; one day our engineers can be helping build weather forecasting systems, and the next we’re building systems to store petabytes of information.

From day one, you will make a difference. You will play a key role in contributing to the success and growth of the company and are accountable for the work that you do.  You can be innovative, discuss ideas and own a problem with support.  You will also be closer to all aspects of the business and see how things hang together.  You can get to wear many hats which helps drive continual personal development and job satisfaction.

Working with best in class peers

From the beginning you will be working on projects alongside experienced consultants.  Rowe IT employs individuals who are best in class.  Their knowledge and expertise is second to none.  The knowledge gained by working and learning from them will accelerate your career.  Our team of fantastic employees, along with a strong associate network, underpins the success and culture of the company.  We constantly push ourselves to excel in delivering services to our clients.

Pizza Friday

Knowledge sharing is an amazing way to increase skills.  Our Pizza Friday sessions provide opportunities to share experience of new technologies, approaches and concepts or even just things that interest you.  It is a great chance to explore your talents, discover where you shine and learn from your peers.



Our culture is underpinned by our values:

  • Relish the challenges. They help you develop.
  • No one knows everything. It is good to share.
  • There is no them and us. Just one team.
  • We are all human. Be kind and respectful.
  • Change is good. It brings opportunities.
  • Keep learning. Tomorrow’s skills are not today’s.

We are a strong team and work hard to remain so. Regular company lunches are an enjoyable way to keep in touch as well as eating great food.  Desserts are always involved!  We also have company fun days to encourage team spirit but mainly to have a laugh.


Rowe IT is currently located in Plymouth Science Park.  There are various lunchtime clubs such as pilates, running and yoga and a wonderful onsite café. Showering facilities are also available as well as ample car parking.  On top of this we are based in the South West surrounded by beautiful countryside, moors and sea.  We are strong advocates for balance and positive mental health, and our surroundings play a huge part in this


Our staff attend local and national conferences which have included Agile on the Beach (which we regularly sponsor), Jax and Angular Connect.  It is a great way to stay up to date with emerging technologies and approaches in an immersive setting as well as meeting like minded people and sharing ideas.  Knowledge sharing and a growth mindset are core values. We never stop learning and work hard to ensure skills are ahead of the curve.

Bike to work scheme

Many of our staff cycle to work as well as in their spare time!  Rowe IT runs a cycle to work scheme to encourage a greener and healthier commute if possible.  We are committed to becoming Net Zero by 2050 and halving our carbon footprint by 2030.


The company does have core hours but there is always flexibility when you need it.  We are an adult business and will treat you as such.

Finally, the company’s success is celebrated by everyone.  Each individual makes a difference and impacts on the business so why be a cog when you can be the machine?